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We have professional manpower with unique process know-how, equipment optimized for the industry, procuring materials in retrofit business, brand-new engineering to improve the performance and to extend the life of port transportation facilities. We are a crane specialized company that can provide customer-tailored services that perform the process from procurement, construction, as well as sea transportation and commissioning.

Based on long-term skills specialization and people with experience in various environments in the business fields, we are growing into a 21st century-old company that benefits people and the environment by continuously researching and developing automated/environmentally friendly systems, as well as industrial development.

We are dreaming of becoming a world-class company in the crane field,
that will continue to challenge the future and invest in a variety of talents to realize
the high value of individuals, businesses, society, and countries, and we will become a trusted company with the highest brand value.

All our employees